Toddler Sports

Academy Details

Toddler Sports aims to build character through sport and address obesity and self-esteem issues facing children today. Child obesity can appear by the age of 5 and bullying and low self-esteem may impact on children’s development and school performance for years to come.


The program helps children gain confidence through sport and give you an opportunity to enjoy a fun time out with your kids and peers. It is a “family friendly” sport start program built around the needs of children, busy parents, nursing mothers, grandparents and carers.


Geared towards kids 1 to 5 year olds, QSports Toddler Sports programs are exclusively run indoors (with occasional outdoors, weather permitting) every school term and scheduled as 45minute sessions including warm-up and cool-down. Our Sporters learn through play in Basketball, Soccer and Tennis as we rotate each sport every fortnight. We promote a social and fun atmosphere that is non-competitive with an emphasis on teamwork.

Terms: Term 1: September – November; Term 2: January – March; Term 3: April – June
Sessions: 20 sessions per term (1 sesson = 60 mins.)
Location: Qatar Academy
Term Fee: QAR 1600
Student Kit: QAR —
Registration: Registrations have to be made online, please click here to register
Payment: You can either pay online with your Credit cards or by visiting us at QSports office
Note: Academy days or times may change with prior notice
Included in the Program
  1. Training under certified coaches
  2. 45 – 60 minutes of training per session
  3. Official photo and certificate of participation
  4. Skills assessment at the end of term

Training Details
Minis: 1 to 2.5 year olds
Our focus in this age group is to develop gross motor skills and coordination. We encourage parents and carers to participate in the activities with their children so that they feel more confident in a group environment. Encouraging a playful atmosphere with nursery rhymes and group singing, Minis are more likely to focus on the activities and become more sociable with their teammates.


Biggies: 2.5 to 3.5 year olds
Kids in Biggies teams focus on fine motor skill development and group discipline. We encourage parents and carers to participate until their child is confident enough to play with their teammates without them. By observing the activity from the sidelines, parents and carers allow their kids to develop stronger social ties with their teammates and learn to focus on activities without distraction.


Giants: 3.5 to 5 year olds
Giants are often more independent and coordinated leading to more intricate skill-based learning. This age group is encouraged to participate completely independently from their parents and carers thus promoting a more confident mindset toward sports and teamwork.

Skills Development
Each age group is provided with the appropriate size basketball and hoop so that the children achieve the core skills of dribbling, passing and shooting from the beginning.


Our main focus is to teach each child to bounce the ball more than once by themselves. This takes focus and coordination and can be difficult for some young children to grasp without proper instruction. We then demonstrate passing the ball between teammates to help encourage social interaction and spatial awareness around others. Shooting the basketball can be a difficult skill to master at any age but we teach your kids to hold and release the ball correctly – a lot of our Sporters still like to dunk when they can!! Kids 5 and over can progress to our Basketball Academy providing a steady pathway for further development.


Teaching kids to play ball sports is not always easy but to teach them not to use their hands can be really tough! Our coaches show your toddlers and preschoolers how to stop and kick a moving soccer ball as well as passing and dribbling.
Our age appropriate equipment means your child can master these skills more affectively and confidently. Group exercises and obstacle courses promote teamwork while individual break-out sessions help your child focus on their unique areas for improvement. Kids 5 and over can progress to our Football Academy providing a steady pathway for further development.


These classes include training in hand-eye coordination to return a serve and to learn how to serve to fellow teammates. During these sessions, coaches will focus on how to hold a racquet correctly, forehand and backhand swings and practicing the correct stance to receive a serve.
We know your little sports stars will be as excited as we are about learning how to play tennis. Kids 5 and over can progress to our Football Academy providing a steady pathway for further development